Quotations platform

Quotations platform

Welcome to the quotations platform of SRG SSR and tpc switzerland ag. The purpose of this platform is to facilitate communication with our suppliers when quotations for goods and services are requested or submitted.

Self-declaration for suppliers
The self-declaration feature gives you the opportunity to present your company. The data is saved in a centralised database and used by our purchasing managers as the basis for future contacts with suppliers. The self-declaration does not oblige SRG SSR and tpc switzerland ag to initiate contact or place any orders.

The purchasing units of SRG SSR und tpc switzerland ag issue the requests for quotations and are also responsible for issuing invitations to suppliers. If you experience any difficulty logging in, please mail us at: rfx(at)

Quotations plattform

SRG SSR / tpc switzerland ag

Hotline for quotations platform: +43-1-80 410 50
Contact address for the operator of the quotations platform: support(at)