Supervision of radio and television

Supervision of radio and television

For the time being, services are supervised by the broadcasters' own ombudsman's offices. If someone has an objection to an editorial item published by SRG, he or she can contact the ombudsman's office. Once the office's procedures have been completed, the complaint can be taken before the Independent Complaints Authority for Radio and Television (ICA). Appeals against the decisions of the ICA may be brought before the Federal Supreme Court.  

SRG SSR is a member of the Swiss press council, the Schweizer Presserat foundation. The Board of Trustees of this supervisory authority for the Swiss press approved the expansion of its membership on 5 June 2008. By taking a seat on the Board of Trustees, SRG SSR recognised the Presserat as a self-regulation body for editorial media content. This goes hand in hand with recognition for the code of professional ethics, the Declaration of the Duties and Rights of Journalists.

The Federal Office for Communications (OFCOM) is responsible for the administrative and financial supervision of broadcasters. Responsibility for the financial supervision of SRG SSR lies with the Department of Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC). In practice, the emphasis is on supervisory procedures as they relate to advertising and sponsorship. OFCOM publishes its decisions, against which appeals can be lodged with the Federal Administrative Court. As a rule, cases may ultimately be brought before the Federal Supreme Court.