Other income 2015

Other income 2015

SRG generates annual turnover of around CHF 1.65 billion. Some 75 percent of SRG income derives from licence fees, while 25 percent comes from commercial revenues and other income.

Advertising revenue 

The strength of the franc following the end of the minimum euro exchange rate, and the lack of major sporting events in 2015, impacted primarily on advertising revenue and other programme income. Advertising revenue dropped by 16.7 million Swiss francs (previous year: +11.7 million Swiss francs), while sponsorship revenue fell by 2.0 million (previous year: +1.6 million Swiss francs). The absence of major commissions and additional licence sales resulted in a fall of 11.5 million (previous year: +7.5 million Swiss francs) in programme income.

Commercial income 2015 (in CHF m) 2014 (in CHF m)
Advertising revenues 243.1 259.7
Sponsorship income 54.7 56.7
Programming revenue 42.7 54.2
Total 340.5 370.6

Other income

Items contained in other income ‒ mainly federal subsidies for services and programming at the international level ‒ contracted by 1.4 million Swiss francs (previous year: + 3.0 millionSwiss francs). This was due to the reduction of 2.6 million Swiss francs in government subsidies.  

The 1.4 million Swiss franc fall in service income (previous year: +2.0 million Swiss francs) is explained by the absence of the additional engineering services and infrastructure rental income connected with major events that boosted income in 2014. With no such events in 2015, this shortfall could not be made up.  

Other operating income increased by 3.9 million Swiss francs (previous year: +1.5 million Swiss francs). The SUISA royalties that are charged on to subsidiaries are now reported gross. These were previously carried as expenses (see H6). This change in practice resulted in a 6.6 million Swiss franc increase in other operating income. The year-on-year difference of 2.7 million Swiss francs is explained in part by gains from property sales in 2014 (1.8 million Swiss francs).

Other income 2015 (in CHF m) 2014 (in CHF m)
Subsidies 21.9 23.3
Service income 35.5 37.0
Other operating income 13.9 10.0
Total 71.3 70.3