Book "History of SRG 1958-1983"

Book "History of SRG 1958-1983"

The book "Radio und Fernsehen in der Schweiz. Geschichte der Schweizerischen Radio- und Fernsehgesellschaft SRG 1958-1983" [Radio and Television in Switzerland. A history of the Schweizerische Radio- und Fernsehgesellschaft SRG 1958-1983] covers the period from when television was formally launched in early 1958 to the end of SRG's broadcasting monopoly and the advent of privately-owned radio stations from 1983 onwards:

  • The role of radio and television in Swiss society
  • From the SRG "monopoly" to market-oriented broadcasting
  • Public service and the recognition of minorities
  • Technology in programming, politics and the arts
  • Quality and quotas - SRG's cultural remit
  • SRG and the research-based programming strategy
  • Growth and complexity - SRG as Switzerland in miniature
  • Reference section with indices of names, terms and individual broadcasting services

The book contains contributions in all four of Switzerland's national languages. Parts of it have been translated so that it can be read as a whole not only in German, but also in French and Italian.

Radio und Fernsehen in der Schweiz
Geschichte der Schweizerischen Radio- und Fernsehgesellschaft SRG 1958–1983, edited by Theo Mäusli and Andreas Steigmeier. hier + jetzt, Verlag für Kultur und Geschichte, Baden, 2006 (68 Swiss francs).

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