Programming charter

Programming charter

SRG SSR gained a new Programming Charter on 24 February 2006. The Charter sets out at internal editorial level the values that the Enterprise Units' own guidelines put into concrete operational terms (see Radio and Television). It ensures that SRG SSR provides services of outstanding quality in terms of content and form alike, and is therefore a key element in the value that SRG SSR generates as a public service enterprise. The Charter is incorporated into training strategies at both implementation and application level. It is also subject to an annual internal review by a committee of programme-makers, chaired by an editor-in-chief.

The Programming Charter requires that programme-makers abide by ethical and professional standards and take the needs of the audience into account. It emphasises the independence of SRG SSR and its responsibility to society as a whole. The Charter demands that all of those involved in programme-making strive to get as close as possible to the truth and that in doing so they remain incorruptible. It also underlines SRG SSR's role as an opinion former and sets out the conditions which must be met for this function to be performed effectively. The Programming Charter insists that SRG SSR be prepared to admit its mistakes and learn from them. It further demands that SRG SSR be accountable for its public service activities.

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